Energy Efficiency at an Affordable Price!


Austin Insulation is built on quality products, professional installation, customer satisfaction, and competitive prices! We are a full service insulation and ventilation company offering a diverse lineup of products and solutions for both existing and new constructed buildings.


We use premium cellulose, fiberglass and spray foam insulation products with GreenGuard approval giving our customers a wide variety of choices. Keeping you in the drivers seat with the Eco-Friendly standards of today.

Fiberglass VS Cellulose

Installing cellulose or fiberglass loose-fill insulation is a great investment for your home and your pocket book!


Both are great choices in having an energy efficient building.

Fiberglass insulation is made from recycled glass products.

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled papers products and uses up to 80% less energy to manufacture. Cellulose loose-fill insulation is up to 50% more efficient in cold temperatures.


Fiberglass insulation does not settle after installation in open attics and is naturally fire, pest, and mold resistant. Fiberglass insulation is far better suited to handle high moisture areas such as basements and crawl spaces.

Cellulose insulation settles up to 20% after installation in open attics.  To accommodate for this settling there is  an "installed" thickness and a "settled" thickness that an experienced installer must follow. Cellulose is treated with Boric Acid to achieve it's fire, pest, and mold resistant rating.